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Gas-fired copper coil water heaters, swimming pool heaters, storage tanks (glass, phenolic, and cement linings), storage water heaters, boilers. Aero Tech Hydronic radiant ceiling panels.

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Water Heaters & Parts See All 8 Departments. Avg. Customer Review Pool Heat Exchanger 135 KBtu/h Tube Shell Heat Exchanger Opposite Side Ports 1 1/2" & 1" FPT Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger for Marine Swimming Pool Solar Spa. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 85K BTU Stainless Steel Pool/Hot Tub Heat Exchanger - Outdoor Wood Boiler. 4

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Solar water heating systems use three types of heat exchangers: Liquid-to-liquid A liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger uses a heat-transfer fluid that circulates through the solar collector, absorbs heat, and then flows through a heat exchanger to transfer its heat to water in a storage tank. Heat-transfer fluids, such as antifreeze, protect the solar collector from freezing in cold weather.

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Gas burns inside a combustion chamber, which contains a series of copper coils. As the gas burns, water passes through the coils and heats. Gas heaters have historically been the most widely-used swimming pool heaters, though their popularity is decreasing due to high gas prices and the advent of and efficiency of heat pumps.

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In order to take heat out of the air, the refrigerant inside the heat pump's evaporator tubes must be about 10 to 15°F COLDER THAN THE AIR so at about 42 to almost 50°F (5°C) air temperature the heat pumps outside coil is approaching 32°F (FREEZING-0°C) and any moisture in the air will begin to FREEZE on the coil and ice it up.

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Build the perfect pool environment with Jandy professional-grade swimming pool equipment. With a full line of pumps, filters, heaters, lights, valves, water sanitizers, and the automation solutions to control it all, Jandy has the complete equipment package for any swimming pool or spa.

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Your Sun Ray pool heating system will free you from the need to heat your pool by any other means during most of the year. Maintenance : There is no special maintenance required. A chlorine or bromine level at around 2 ppm and a pH of 7.7 are good levels for swimming comfort and are perfectly compatible with Sun Ray copper panels.

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Tank installation is subject to local area. Circled thermosiphone solar collector system is suitable for single or multiple solar system. For example, family solar water heater, solar water swimming pool and solar water furnace system. It's the best choice in cold area or poor water quality area. Inner tank: Stainless steel 3042B, thickness 0.5mm.

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I have an in-ground pool at around 20,000 gallons and I live in the northeast (Maine). My pool gets direct sunlight for about half the day. I would like to extend my swimming season by heating my pool. I don't want to spend the $2000-$3000 dollars on a commercial unit, and would rather go DIY. I'm wondering what others have done with the most

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Yangzhou Sunleada Solar Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou City of Jiangsu Province, and has convenient transportation that about 100km away from Shanghai. Established in April 8, 1997, Yangzhou Sunleada Solar Co., Ltd. is a private limited company focusing on the design and manufacture of solar water heater, solar cells, electric bicycles, and

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Chiller Heat Pump Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, We think this sets us apart from the competition and makes prospects choose and trust us. We all wish to build win-win deals with our customers, so give us a call today and make a new friend!

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Warm Water Solutions Warranty & Return Policy All of our Wood Fired Pool Heaters are covered by a Five-year manufacturer's limited warranty. During this period, if there is an operational defect in the heater, report it to us at www.woodpoolheaters.com for further information.

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Install a hot water front or coil (which is described in the article) and connect that to a large well insulated water tank. Then add a coil of copper tubing into the water of your hot water tank and add a coil of copper pipe (or iron pipe) somewhere in your water trough being sure to protect it from the cow.

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The issues with heating your swimming pool with something like wood, is that it is an unconrtollable heat source. A brother-in -law was able to acquire an older wood stove with a built-in coil for water heating purposes. Wood Stove Pool Heaters. Post by blue skinned scottishman » Sun 16 Aug, 2009 13:22 .

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An unglazed solar heater is usually made from a durable UV-treated rubber or plastic material. These are usually cheaper than glazed heaters. Glazed solar pool heaters are coated with a glass covering, making them more expensive. They are also made from more expensive materials such as copper tubing, and are also more efficient than unglazed heaters and can be used all year.

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A solar water heater could easily save you a significant amount of money on your water heating cost. Building your own solar thermal panel for heating water is simple. In this blog, we will show you how to build your own solar water heater. Making your own solar water heater is cheap and easy.

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Sunstar Solar Pool Heaters Complete Sunstar solar pool heating kits. Sunstar is the sister brand to Heliocol produced in the same factory. The most advanced solar technology learned over more than 30 year of engineering and research. Sunstar and Heliocol are the most popular pool heating brands in the world.


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1st sunflower has entered the field of solar energy products since 1998 with deep expertise and skills in solar energy products and green products, with ability of excellent product design, solution consulting and business support services, and is committed to maximizing value and reduce costs for customers.

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All brazed snowmelt heaters are manufactured of Stainless Steel 316L and plate and copper brazed in a furnace to ensure a long equipment life. Due to the turbulent flow pattern through the heat exchangers, it inherently is a self cleaning equipment with a high heat transfer rate.

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Use an outdoor wood furnace in connection with a hot tub heat exchanger or a swimming pool heat exchanger to heat your pool or hot tub. You can use an outdoor wood burning furnace to heat your swimming pool or hot tub. The outdoor wood boiler has a second set of ports, standard. Hot Water Ports Pool Ports; SP55: $198.00:

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Thermo-Dynamics Oil Fired Pool Heaters Can't find what you're looking for online? Boston Heating Supply stocks and sells a large selection of Rheem, Grundfos, Laars, Emmeti products and replacement parts - all at an affordable price - and there is a good chance we have the product you are looking for. Please call us toll free and we can help you find it. 866-914-9802

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Solar Pool Heaters . Solar Pool Heaters can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs. With costs that are competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters; solar pool heaters have very low annual operating costs. For many climates, solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy.

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The conductivity of water refers to the ability of water to conduct an electrical current. A material like copper has a high electrical conductivity, which is why it's typically used as electrical wiring in a home. The high conductivity of copper allows an electrical current to travel through the wiring and over to a light bulb or ceiling fan

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel Plates with Copper or Nickel Brazing. Extensive range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers available IN STOCK Applications Domestic Hot Water Heating Swimming Pool Heating Milk Cooling Milk Pasteurisation Grain Drying Refrigeration Boiler Separation.

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Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. * All pros listed are independent dealer-owned

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8015 North Fraser Way Burnaby, BC V5J 5M8 Tel: 604-877-0277 Fax: 604-877-0295

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The CDP 75-125-165 swimming pool dehumidifiers are also available with a water-cooled condenser allowing the excess heat to be used for pool or sanitary water heating. A range of options are available for the CDP 75-125-165 pool dehumidifiers to meet individual requirements, including LPHW heating coil, fresh air connection, wall-mount kit, A.V

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A pool heater contains copper elements. More specifically, the "heat exchanger." This is the point where the water is actually heated and then returned back to the pool. Although in recent years there has been an increase in production of titanium heat exchangers, most existing pool heaters and heat pumps still have a copper exchanger.

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The condensation not only causes inefficiencies in heater functionality, but also causes oxidation on copper from low return water temperatures. Brief periods of condensation on start-up is normal for most pool heaters. In fact, all category I and III pool water heaters will condense if allowed to send very low return water into the heat exchanger.

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Pool Heaters are usually the first piece of pool equipment to crack from even just a little bit of water freezing in the front or rear header or manifold. If you prime up the pump this spring, and notice water pouring out of your heater, first check that the drain plugs are tightly in place and the pressure switch is connected.

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For example, if you own a swimming pool and plan on going swimming on an autumn day, a water heater with a copper heat exchanger can get your pool ready for you much faster. With a stainless steel heat exchanger, you could find yourself waiting up to 72 hours before your pool is heated to 10 degrees Celsius.

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Innovent's indoor swimming pool (natatorium) dehumidification units use outside air to control space humidity levels, maintain acceptable indoor air quality, minimize interior corrosion and reduce chloramine levels in the air. A 75-percent-efficient air-to-air heat exchanger drives costs even lower by capturing heat from the exhaust air.


The H-Series heaters are suitable only for heating of swimming pools, spas, or hot tubs. These heaters should not be used as space heating boilers, general purpose water heaters or for heating salt water pools and fish ponds. When installed and operated in accordance with the manual's instructions, the H-Series heater will provide

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If you're not enjoying your swimming pool because it's as warm as your bathtub, know that you can get your hot pool water back to a cool and refreshing temperature. While dumping large blocks of ice into the pool may seem like a great idea, the cost is prohibitive and the effect is only temporary.

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The pool water passes through these copper coils and they return back to the main pool heated. This heater works more efficiently in when heating swimming pools in short periods and they heat the pool very quickly. Advantages and disadvantages of gas pool heaters. Gas pool heaters are affordable and very low maintenance.

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First, purchase a hot water boiler if you do not have one already, and then ensure you have the correctly sized heat exchanger and control system installed. The heat exchanger works by connecting the boiler to the pool and uses the water heated by the boiler (between 140F to 180F) to heat the pool.

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This fast heating boils off any dissolved air in the water and plates out any and all minerals dissolved in the water on the inside of the copper. Over time (sometimes as little as months) the plating of these minerals decreases the efficiency of heat transfer from the hot flue gasses to the water and as a result the discharge flue gas

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SEA groups company supply solar water heater, solar swimming pool heater, copper fittings and copper pipes at very competitive price.Solar water heaters generate hot water for youur home or business in a simple,clean,economical way.Solar water heating systems can be used in any climate and the fuel they use-the sun-is free.

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Swimming pool heat exchangers - Shell & Tube (316L Stainless Steel & Titanium) Among the most common uses of Brazetek ST and STX series shell & tube heat exchangers is heating the swimming pool water. The process presents several challenges, with each one being successfully addressed by Brazetek.