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The SS El Faro was a 791 foot cargo ship charged with bringing commercial goods to Puerto Rico. Early on Thursday, October 1, while near the center of Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin, the El Faro reported that it had lost propulsion, was taking on water and listing.

El Faro Ship Sinking: El Faro May Have Suffered Boiler Blast

El Faro Ship Sinking: El Faro May Have Suffered Boiler Blast. February 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm. The El Faro sank on Oct. 1, 2015, while traveling between Jacksonville, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

El Faro boilers: not "unsafe", but work to be done

El Faro boilers: not 'unsafe', but work to be done These photos of engineering components on El Faro were introduced as an exhibit during the Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation Hearing on

Testimony: El Faro boiler parts had 'deteriorated severely'

An inspection conducted on the boilers of a ship before it sank in a hurricane last fall found parts that had "deteriorated severely" or needed to be replaced, but company engineers believed it was still safe enough to set sail, testimony at a Coast Guard hearing revealed Friday. The boiler issues on El Faro were an indication of normal wear and tear, director of ship management for Tote

El Faro cargo ship crew members probably overwhelmed by

2015年10月6日The search for 33 crew members aboard the sunken cargo ship El Faro continues on Tuesday. Photograph: Tote Maritime/EPA A s s o c i a t e d P r e s s i n J a c k s o n v i l l e , F l o r i d a

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THIRD AND FINAL HEARING INTO LOSS OF SS EL FARO SCHEDULED. The third and final Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation hearing has been scheduled to commence on Feb. 6, 2017, in Jacksonville. This hearing will examine additional elements of the investigation including crew witnesses,

USCG Questions El Faro's Stability and Cargo Security

As the second round of El Faro hearings continues this week, the US Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation listened to testimonies about the ship's stability and cargo security, local media reported. With these hearing the USCG is trying to determine what led to the sinking, and whether commercial pressure, negligence in cargo security or poor []

Lone body found after El Faro sank too decomposed to ID

The one body found by Coast Guard crews searching for the El Faro was too decomposed to identify, so it was left to be collected later while searchers continued seeking survivors.

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On Oct. 1, 2015, the 790-foot cargo ship El Faro sank near the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin. All 33 crew members died in the tragedy. The ship was equipped with a voyage data recorder, or VDR, that could reveal clues to understand what happened, but it was lost in the depths.

Investigations and Litigation Follow SS El Faro Tragedy

The loss of SS El Faro and her crew of thirty-three will surely rank among the worst maritime casualties in the modern era. The fact that she was a US-flagged vessel under the command of a US licensed master, inspected by the US Coast Guard and surveyed by the American Bureau of shipping compels the maritime community to closely scrutinize our

SS El Faro: Its Diasappearance & Recovered Wrecks

SS El Faro was a 790-ft large cargo ship. On its ill fated voyage, it started sail from Jacksonville (Florida) bound for Peurto Rico towards east. So the route was right on the middle of Bermuda Triangle. The ship was carrying about 390 shipping containers and around 290 vehicles.

Sunken El Faro Cargo Ship: The Heartbreaking Remembrances

Relatives of other members of El Faro's crew have issued statements and shared memories of their loved ones, like Karen Schoenly, the wife of Howard Schoenly, who was a second engineer on the ship.

El Faro Owner Had Been Told to Service Boilers - WSJ

The owner of El Faro was told by a third party to service the cargo ship's engine boilers about three weeks before the vessel sank off the Bahamas with 33 crew on board, the National

NTSB Shares Details Of El Faro's Black Box Voice Recordings

A card contained in the box captured the sound from six microphones on the bridge of El Faro, the military ship destroyed by hurricane Joaquin with no survivors. It is the last time crew members

El Faro boiler parts had 'deteriorated severely', hearing

The boiler issues on the freighter, El Faro, were an indication of normal wear and tear, director of ship management for Tote Services, John Fisker-Andersen, told the investigative board in Florida.

Sister to Ship That Sank Had History of Problems

2015年10月16日El Yunque and its sunken twin, El Faro ("the lighthouse"), are 40-year-old container ships that, until the accident, regularly provided food, cars and other supplies to Puerto Rico from

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In the bestselling tradition of The Perfect Storm and The Finest Hours, "an exquisitely written and dramatic booka literary page-turner" (Doug Stanton, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Horse Soldiers)—the 2015 mysterious disappearance of the SS El Faro, a gigantic American cargo ship that sank in the Bermuda Triangle, taking with it thirty-three lives.

El Faro had propulsion vulnerabilities, no onboard weather

El Faro, a 790-foot roll-on/roll-off cargo ship, lost propulsion and sank on Oct. 1 roughly 35 miles from Crooked Island as the Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin approached. Twenty-eight sailors and five Polish contractors died in the accident, the worst for a U.S.-flagged ship since the disappearance of SS Poet in 1980.

Coast Guard Releases El Faro Investigation Report: Here's

SS El Faro. Photo: Tote Maritime. The U.S. Coast Guard today has released the S.S. El Faro Marine Board of Investigation report, which includes a detailed account of the event along with the MBI

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It's a memorial for the crew of the El Faro, a cargo ship that was carrying supplies to Puerto Rico. It was sunk during Hurricane Joaquin and all 33 people on board were lost. You can sit and reflect on the lives lost or you can fish

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El Faro's engine burned oil to generate steam, which drove the turbine that turned the propeller. When the old boilers couldn't produce enough heat, the propeller's RPMs fell off, and the

NTSB: Captain Error, Poor Safety Culture Led To El Faro's

The SS El Faro, unfortunately, is no longer with us nor is the crew she had with her on that final voyage. They're gone, but as they say, 'certainly not forgotten.' We hope this tragedy at sea can serve as the lighthouse to guide the safety of marine transportation," he said.

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U.S.MERCHANT MARINE has 13,423 members. U.S.MERCHANT MARINE. Mills, a charter-member of the National Maritime Union (NMU), then came ashore and served over four decades as a union official, assisting many mariners with their careers.

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El Faro's Boilers Scheduled for Maintenance Posted by: Sulaiman Adenekan in Business , World October 21, 2015 0 182 Views The U.S. National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) has issued an update on the investigation into the sinking of El Faro stating that the vessel's boilers had been inspected in September and were scheduled for maintenance

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SS El Faro was a United States-flagged, combination roll-on/roll-off and lift-on/lift-off cargo ship crewed by U.S. merchant mariners.Built in 1975 by Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. as Puerto Rico, the vessel was renamed Northern Lights in 1991, and finally, El Faro in 2006. She was lost at sea with all hands on October 1, 2015, after steaming into the center of Hurricane Joaquin.

Sinking of US Cargo Vessel SS El Faro - YouTube

Near Acklins and Crooked Island Bahamas October1, 2015 This two-dimensional animation reconstructs the sequence of events leading to the sinking of the US-flagged cargo vessel SS El Faro in the

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Le SS El Faro est un cargo américain battant pavillon des États-Unis de type roulier.Construit en 1975 par Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. sous le nom de Porto Rico, le navire a été rebaptisé dans Northern Lights en 1991 et enfin El Faro en 2006 [1].Il a quitté Jacksonville, en Floride, à destination de Porto Rico tôt le matin du 30 septembre 2015 et a coulé dans les Bahamas sous l

Navy Finds Lost U.S. Merchant Ship El Faro - USNI News

A Navy team sent to the Bahamas has found the missing U.S. merchant ship SS El Faro, officials have confirmed. The embarked search team onboard USNS Apache (T-ATF-172) found the ship in 15,000

Rogue wave analysis supports investigation of the El Faro

A new analysis done to support the investigation into the 2015 sinking of the El Faro cargo ship has calculated the likelihood of a massive rogue wave during Hurricane Joaquin in October of that

The Investigation of the Sinking of US Cargo Vessel El Faro

This 15 minute video summarizes the NTSB investigation of the October 1, 2015, sinking of El Faro and the loss of all 33 mariners aboard. It examines the NTSB's determination of the cause of the

The Search for El Faro: What We Know - The New York Times

2015年10月21日The Search for El Faro: What We Know. El Faro in Jacksonville, Fla. received permission from the Coast Guard to shut down one of the ship's two boilers so it could be inspected by an

El Faro boiler repairs planned, but engineers saw no

Surveyor reports and inspections told of major repairs needed to El Faro's boilers, work that was planned for a possible November dry docking at Grand Bahama Shipyard, according to testimony heard by the Coast Guard marine board of inquiry investigating the loss of the 790' TOTE Maritime ship and its 33 crew in Hurricane Joaquin Oct. 1.. One inspection reported the boiler burner throats

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The EL FARO's boats were of similar size, type and construction. This vessel is propelled by Fleming gear where the crew pushes and pulls on a handle to propel the vessel. This vessel does not have an engine. The EL FARO port (left side) life boat did have a diesel engine as does the EL YUNQUE.

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SS Northern Lights 1975, renamed 1991 and acquired in 1993; became SS El Faro in 2006 and sank in 2015; SS El Morro 1974 - sister to El Faro, scrapped in 2012 after a Coast Guard inspection revealed the ship was structurally unsound. SS El Yunque 1976 - sister to El Faro, scrapped in 2017 after a Coast Guard inspection revealed the ventilation

El Faro Crew Names: Who Was on the Sunken Cargo Ship

The Coast Guard says it believes a missing cargo ship, El Faro, sunk in the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Joaquin. The ship was sailing from Jacksonville, Florida, to Puerto Rico, according to

More debris found as search for missing El Faro cargo ship

The Coast Guard says it has discovered more debris that could be connected to the El Faro, a cargo ship that vanished four days ago in the eye of Hurricane Joaquin with 28 Americans aboard. NBC

Debris believed to be from El Faro - Daily Mail Online

Debris believed to be from the cargo ship El Faro that sunk during Hurricane Joaquin after experiencing a 'hull breach' has begun washing ashore in the Bahamas this week.


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by the Rev. Kempton D. Baldridge. JACKSONVILLE, FL - Recently, I attended the hearings on the loss of the SS El Faro on October 1, 2015, held by the Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). While there, a reporter in the press section made her way to where I was seated with family members of the ship's crew.

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In September, an independent boiler service company performed an inspection while the El Faro was en route between San Juan and Jacksonville. As a result of that, the company recommended both the